Monday, March 2, 2009

Life is like that...

Still most of the online portals are promoting costs of apartments at 5000 Rs/sqft range in Bangalore South, while the reality for a decent apartment, with club house etc (Mangalam, L&T, Esteem Enclave) is hovering around 3000.

Unless someone writes, about properties and the value creation in newspapers like Times of India etc., on a Friday and Hog limelight during weekends... life is bleak.

Now few guys are pushing to sell beach front properties or Tea Estate plots (which is a no brainer) to make a living.

Take a careful decision on what is takes...

Value any apartment (for e.g.) for what it is worth, undivided share of land value, construction cost at 1200 Rs/sqft and you do the math, on adding the additional facilities cost.

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